Friday, July 23, 2010

Klimaks Sabar d Mersing

Akhirnye de gak ms nk tulih blog...Rini mmg kemuncak stress aku kt msg.Tmpt br,no frenz, FINE.No entertainment, FINE.Different colleagues, FINE.Different studs, FINE.Different teaching approach, FINE.

But,when s/body force me,i'm really felt burning in my heart n otw 2 explode...

When i'm transfered here,i didn't expect my life will turn upside down so much.especially in financial part....huhuhu...n now,my salary hv been cutted out almost's so depressed!!!

Dgn xde duit tu,aku involved dlm sukan lak.Seumur idupku,dis is da 1st tm i've 2 spend my own money 2 represent in sports.If i'd knew it earlier,surely i'll not involved at all...

Tmbh lg,a few days b4,de org tampal utk ke Hari Keluarga.My bosses themselves stated there,'TIDAK HADIR' do I.However,da one who get da impact is me...surat tunjuk sebab....nvr mind,i will!!!

Can't u be understanding ppl,hah??? I hv a FINANCIAL PROBLEM!!!!!!! Can't u understand???????? Nk ckp cmner lg???????

I'm also hv family,as well as my hubby.What kind of daughter,near 2 parents but cannot visit them more often???What kind of wife,tmbhkn beban yg suami sedia ada wit her financial prob lak????

The reality is,who cares what u're faces...they only know how to force 2 do their ways.More u force,more sellfish i'll be.A/way,i didn't felt like family here yet...Family will not burden each others!!!

I'm so depressed till tears coming out easily...Allah Maha Mengetahui dan aku hanya bertawakal pada Mu kerna Kau lah yg lebih mengetahui pe yg terbaik utkku...Chaiyok2x,Aziah!!!!